Police corruption


Police Corruption 2
Police Corruption Introduction
Throughout history, police corruption has been a major part of the dilemma we face
since thefirst type of law enforcement organization began. This type of issue is apart of law
enforcement as well as our ever changing society. What aspects motivates police corruption? Is it the
greed of money, lack of supervision, the fact of political advancement or just for personal
gain. In this presentation I will briefly state the motives and the facts from our society in regards to law
The Beginning of Police Corruption
During the early Eighteenth century, police developments began, a sprang of a new era of private monied police who were able to profit–both legally and criminally from the lack of formal police departments (Siegel & Senna, 2005, pg.149). Since there lacked any supervision or control for this new type of authority, manyprivately operated police forces were able to profit from their new found status.Benefitting from catching the criminals as well as collaborating with them, many of these early officers of the law misused their authority in every possible way; to steal, extort, intimidate, incite perjury, and black mailing.Therefore, having too much power is corrupting to the morality itself..Since then, we have been faced with this major issue throughout the years in the judicial system. Though times have changed throughout numerous years, different solutions are used to solve criminal activities, one thing still remain unsolved, that corruption plays a huge part oflaw enforcement field.

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