Police Civil Service Commission

At the Police Civil Service Commission there were three commissioners, along with the police chief, lieutenants and other officials. It is normally about 11 people in total, but this one was a little different with about 10-12 students and a reporter for the Bakersfield Californian. The three commissioners, Steve Anderson, Ken Vetter and William Perry are each elected to a three year term by the city council. During there term the will each participate as head-commissioner for one year.
The meeting is started by the head-commissioner calling it to order and he states the time as well. Then roll is called by each member saying his or her name and title.Then the approval for the minutes of the last meeting is presented. After that, the head-commissioner opens the floor up to any public statements. At recent meetings, there hasn't been much public attendance, so not that much is said during that time.
The next item on the agenda is the new business. First, any special orders are taken care of, such as appointments, promotions, retirements, etc. Next, all the new items are taken care of. At this particular meeting, thefirst was specifications for the new crime analyst job. Mrs. Valenzuela of Human Resources gave the commissioners the specs on the new job for review. After looking over it, one of the commissioners motioned for it and another seconded it. That is pretty much the procedure for all items put in front of the commissioners, in order for it to go through, it must be motioned and seconded.
During the meeting, a certification of Police Detective/Lieutenant Eligibility List is presented to the commissioners for review. Once the list, of usually 10 or so people, is approved, the police chief is able to select whom he wants for the job out of the top three candidates. But this can only be done if the commissioners approve the list.
At this particular meeting, there were no conflicts because everything put in front of …

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