police brutality

Police brutality is a problem in our country today.There are many instances where the police have gone too far in dealing with criminals.There are many things that people are doing to stop police brutality.More and more bad cops are being caught in their wrong doings.There are many cases that go unseen.The police are good at keeping things quiet.They have a code of honor that says that police do not tell on each other.
The Johnny Gammage case was a recent case in the news.One of the only reasons that this case made the news is because Gammage is the cousin of Pittsburgh Steeler Ray Seals.The outcome of this case angered many people.On October twelfth, 1995, Johnny Gammage the 31-year-old black male was pulled over.Gammage committed no crime.After an altercation with the police he was brutally beaten.Over the course of seven minutes he was beaten and suffocated by five police officers.An autopsy showed that Gammage was suffocated by pressure applied to his neck and chest when the officers were trying to restrain him.
On November third, 1995 a six-member coroner’s jury recommended that criminal homicide charges be filed against the police officers.District Attorney Bob Colville said that he would only charge three out of the five officers involved in the beating.He charged Lt. Milton Mulholland and Patrolman John Vojtas with 3rd degree murder, official oppression, and involuntary manslaughter.He charged Patrolman Michael G. Albert with involuntary manslaughter.
Allegheny county judge James R. McGregor ordered the three officers to stand trial for the misdemeanor charge of involuntary manslaughter.This is the lowest form of homicide.He dropped the third degree murder and official oppression charges against Mulholland and Vojtas.
During the trial a witness said that he witnessed a fight that lead to Gammage’s death.He contradicted the story told by the police and said t…

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