Poles and Italians in Detroit

In the late 17th century and early 18th century Detroit was a hotbed for foreign immigration.The booming automobile industry and resulting growth of the city ensured that many jobs were available for those able to take them.Among these immigrants were distinct groups originating from many different countries.Two of these groups were the Poles and the Italians, who arrive to Detroit looking for a new beginning.Although many similarities can be found between the groups there are an equal number of differences, which defined each separate culture.In this paper I'd like to focus on the similarities and differences between the Poles and Italians in Detroit by looking at their reasons for leaving their countries and subsequent arrivals into Detroit, their lifestyles upon moving to Detroit, and the Americanization process that occurred when they arrived.
In my opinion both the Poles and Italians left their homelands not necessarily because they wanted to, but more as a means of survival.Both of these groups suffered from insufficient family incomes due to overpopulation, lack of peasant landholding, and changing word economy.Although they shared these similarities their were also striking differences.
"Poland was partitioned among three neighboring empires and disappeared as a state in Europe until after World War I" (Global View/Origins/Europe/Poland).Since the Poles were under foreign rule, which left them without a voice in their respective governments and society many, chose to immigrate to Detroit as a means of political relief.Upon arrival to Detroit they occupied the North Eastern side of the city, and because "Poles comprised the largest European immigrant group in the metropolis," (American Cities/Detroit/Poles/Neighborhood/In Streets/Detroit Polish Settlements) they soon occupied Hamtramck as well.
Most who left Italy and moved to Detroit were Southern Italian farmers."As It…

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