Polar Auroras

One of the most amazing sites to see are the Polar Auroras which occur between the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic fields.Before scientific studies began which wasn‘t until the mid-1800s, people watched the auroras but worried about the danger that they may possess.
While learning about the Auroras, it is important to understand that there is a giant magnetic field surrounding the Earth.The Earth’s core is made up of metals which acts like a magnet.This creates a magnetic field known as the magnetosphere that extends deep into space.Because of this field, it affects nearby objects.
The Earth’s magnetic field varies in strength but the poles of the Earth are the strongest.In empty space, the Earth’s magnetic field does not exist. Although, the sun has a magnetic field too.Atomic particles are always boiling off the Sun and moving at extremely high speeds.The solar field and the boiling particles create the solar wind which pushes onto the Earth’s magnetic field changing it’s shape.
When the solar wind reaches the Earth from the Sun which takes 3 to 6 days , it creates bright Auroras.The intensity and brightness of the Auroras totally depends on the number of particles and how active the Sun’s wind is.Hence, the less active the Sun is, the smaller the Auroras will be.
These particles from the solar wind flow into the equatorial regions of Earth and become trapped in the ring current.Particles that are positively charged move westward while negatively charged particles drift eastward.Some of these particles flow along the magnetic field into the polar regions in a process in which scientist still do not fully understand.The lights at the poles are called Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and Aurora Australis (Southern lights).Another effect that derives from the solar wind and the Earth’s atmosphere is the color of the Auroras.The different colo…

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