Politics of War Final Paper
Political Advantages of Weapons in World War II

International politics can get very complicated.When the use of force is threatened each nation must think of the defense of their borders as well as the safety of their civilians.With this in mind the ability to possess the best and most modern weapons because it's a key factor.Hands down the nation that possesses these weapons have a distinct advantage.This advantage not only comes on the battlefield but at the negotiation table as well.This is why weaponry plays such an important role in politics as well.With this the earliest modern weapons playing a primary role is in World War II.
Many new innovations and modernizations of weapons were introduced in WWII.Weapons from the Atomic bomb to the then new 50-caliber machine gun and everything in the middle including the new threat from the air.Along with this threat from the air comes the new invention of radar.All of these inventions made a direct impact on the war and the world to come.Probably the three weapons that made the most difference in the war and politically were the long-range bombers, aircraft carriers, and the atomic bomb.When speaking of weapons of WW II there are two categories due to their locations in the world.These are the war in Europe and the war in the Pacific Ocean.Because of the two different settings there was two different ways of fighting.This carries different weapons and different ways of fighting in each of the surroundings.Also there was two different enemies so this put more pressure on the have a very complete build up of armed forces in every aspect of war.This includes land, air and sea ability.
Thefirst part of WW II is the war in Europe.One major deciding factor in Europe was the new role of air power compared to it's previous use in WW I."The U.S. Army was thefirst armed service to acquire an …

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