Serious Crimes, Serious Consequences
Juvenile offenders who commit adult crimes should suffer adult consequences. Juveniles are becoming repeat offenders of serious crimes such as grand theft auto, robbery, sex crimes, murder, grand larceny, kidnapping, and gang related crimes, to name a few. The repeat offences are due to a lack of severe consequences because they are being prosecuted under juvenile court systems. Teenagers commit the largest portion of all violent crime in America. While the national rate of violent crime has evened out, and the nation’s population of juveniles has decreased, violent crimes committed by juveniles have increased immensely (United States F.B.I. 4).
Today’s juvenile justice system is centered on rehabilitation and not accountability in the way that the adult system is. The statistics of juvenile crimes indicate that this idea must change. Through consistent enforcement
of law, the government will show that bad actions bring about bad consequences. Directing youth away from crime, and dealing with juveniles who commit these serious crimes, is increasing in importance as the crime rates among juveniles continue to rise.
People who oppose the idea to try juveniles as adults have the opinion that the government should strengthen the rehabilitation programs for juveniles because using adult consequences is unfair to juveniles. This idea is only making crime worse because the juveniles know that they will have an easy time in the court system, unlike adults committing the exact same crime.
By using the idea that juveniles should be held accountable in the court of law as adults are for committing the same crimes, we will see a significant change for the better in the juvenile crime rates. By the time a juvenile offender is finally incarcerated under the adult system, he usually has a long record of offences behind him. Holding juveniles accountable for their actions is what is needed t

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