Plea Bargaining

Plea Bargaining a Vastly Used Concept
It all starts with backed up courtrooms. A man is charged with killing another man. There is no evidence to convict this man of these charges. This leads the prosecutors to work out a plea-bargain. The pressure of other cases and the need for a guilty charge is what leads plea-bargaining to happen more every year. As a result many criminals get off easy and in return prosecutors look good for "winning" the case.
The practice of plea-bargaining is a controversial issue that both benefit the court and the criminal. Plea-bargaining was not always wide spread throughout the court system. Today it is a main practice for prosecutors to put away criminals, even if it is for lesser charges. Plea-bargains happen for many reasons and are beneficiary and negative to everyone involved the process.
The reasons why plea-bargaining is used so much range from the accused to the prosecutors. This practice is usually used because courts these days are over run with cases and cannot provide trials. "More the 90% of convictions come from negotiated pleas, which means less then 10% of criminal cases result in a trial,"(Plea Bargain 1). This happens frequently because prosecutors want to get the guilty verdict. Most criminals want to plea-bargain knowing they will receive an easier sentence even though they might be guilty and deserve more. "Plea bargains provide both prosecutor and defense with some control over the result,"(Maynard 145). This quote is exactly why so many cases are being decided by the plea-bargaining strategy. Another reason why this is so commonly used is that there are not enough courts in any state to provide everyone a fair and speedy trial. Something must be worked out and guilty pleas can be worked out in hours, compared to trials, which can sometimes last weeks. Even though many are opposed to the plea-bargaining that goes on in today's courts, there …

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