Playing God

Genetics, playing god or enhancing the human species?Is it right to mess with our genes?Is the Human society ready for genetics?These questions have been the center of discussion about genetics in the past few years.The beginning of a new age dealing with genetics is about to start, some people believe that our society is ready for the new revolution, but most believe that our society is not ready.No matter if our society is ready or not, the new age of genetics is coming.
When people think of genetics they think of horror movies where people are mutated, but in reality genetics is the scientific study of how physical, biochemical, and behavioral traits are transmitted from parents to their offspring.An example of genetics is the Human Genome Project, which is a worldwide collaboration to gain a basic understanding of the genetic blueprint of the human being.The Human Genome Project is one of very few projects where the Universities and companies all around world have worked together to gain knowledge for the better of the human society.
Thefirst use of genetic engineering, still used today, was selective breeding of animals and plants starting back during 10,000 BC.In northern Iraq where humans domesticated dogs, cattle, sheep, horses, and plants were breed selectively to increase food production, protection, and trading.Stone age farmers improved plant's food production by choosing at each harvest the largest seeds from the best plants to be used for the following year.Over thousands of years, the plants were converted from wild grass to crops of corn, wheat, and soybeans.Dogs and horses have been selectively bred for thousands of years resulting in more than 130 different dog breeds and 100 different horse breeds.
The beginning of genetics began in 1866, when an Austrian monk Gregor Mendel discovered a pattern of inheritance in several pairs of traits that appeared in different garde

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