With the ever-increasing problem of pest control, it is clear that some form biological must be implemented in order to help farmers. This biological control must be able to effectively control the pest population, this means not killing them but rather never letting the pest populations get too large. Through computer-simulated programs the Spider Division of Frankenstein, Inc. was able to genetically create a spider that genetically perfect for biological control. This paper will discuss the methods that were taken as well as the results of the Spider Divisions experiment.

Biological control is an important factor if we are to protect and increase our crop production.This paper outlines an experiment that was done by the Spider division of Frankenstein, Inc, in their attempt to create a new and improved form of biological control. The experiment purpose is to genetically manufacture the “perfect” spider for biological control, the spider will be known as the Paine Killer Spider, which will be genetically perfect for its environment. The genetic factors of the spiders’ eyesight, how fast it moves, and how fast it reproduces will be crucially important in its development. These three factors will set the parameters for how well the Paine Killer Spider will perform in its ecosystem. Besides the biological factors, how well the spider interact with other predators, as well as its natural enemies must also be taken in account. For this experiment, the Spider division of Frankenstein, Inc. did extensive research through Ecological journals with subjects on all types of biological control. Through the Eco Beaker simulation the team at the Spider Division will show that a genetically created spider can and will be successful for biological control purposes. This Eco Beaker simulation effectively simulates the introduction of an insect into an ecosystem for biological control purposes.
Materials and Methods
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