Planet Earth Fate of The EArth

Planet Earth: Fate of The Earth was a powerful, informative, and inspirational
documentary.The narrator, Richard Kiley, progressed through many points about our
precious earth including her beginnings, her slow deterioration by man as well as other
factors, and theories as to her what could be her end.
The beginning images of earth, approximately four million years ago, can be
described a barren yet fertile land with the prospect for life to flourish.Prehistoric
volcanoes exploded with gases and lava, that created the crust of our land.Eventually
the gases cooled and it began to rain, eventually forming the oceans that is the birthplace
of life. Biologist Prof. Deemer believes that seashores are the cradles of life that led to
the evolution of organisms on to the land.In his experiment, he placed lipid molecules
in a pool of water.He observed that when lipids come into contact with water their
outside walls harden and form mobile structures.Found in Australia were rocks about a
billion years older than previously believed, 3.5 billion years.In the rocks were found
micron-sized films and tiny bacteria whose ancestors are alive today.In coastal waters
are mushroom shaped structures that were created by photosynthetic blue-green algae
communities, that also converted carbon dioxide molecules to oxygen.Oxygen being the
Atmospheric chemist Jim Lovelock proposes the Gaya theory which states that
earth herself is maintained by life.Supporting evidence for this is that when daisies are
in bloom the earth's temperature cools, preventing the earth from heating up and
becoming a barren land like it once used to be.
The rain forests in South America are of great importance.They hold 40% of all
living organisms.But at the killing rate of 3,000 acres per hour, they will soon vanish.
The land is stripped of its gems and used to graze cattle and other animals

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