Physics is involved in our livings

Do many people know that science especially physics is involved in our livings? Probably, most of us don??t quite sure about that. However there are lots of physical involvements in our livings. One of the greatest examples that express physics involvement is the roller coaster. The roller coaster has some concepts of physics which are acceleration, inertia and energy.

Firstly, there are acceleration and deceleration in the roller coaster. As seeing the diagram, in thefirst section, the velocity of a ride decrease by moving uphill. The coaster??s direction of force of gravity was down. But the ride moves up, so the gravity pulls the coaster down. But, on the other hand, in section two, the velocity of the coaster increase by moving downhill. When the ride moves down, the force of gravity pulls the coaster and those are same direction. So it makes the coaster moving faster and faster. That is why the ride may accelerate.

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Secondly, there is inertia in the roller coaster. When the coaster moves, it wants to keep moving unless some force makes the coaster stopped. Because of this characteristic, the ride can climb section 3 but, actually, it needs high changing velocity. When people arrive at the place where they can get on or get off the coaster, their bodies move forward due to the characteristic of inertia. The moving roller coaster want to keep moving but because of some force which makes the coaster stopped, the people??s bodies move forward just a little bit.

Thirdly there is energy in the roller coaster. In the section 1, the coaster moves to uphill so there is potential energy. Actually, there is also kinetic energy but it is much more smaller than potential energy. In the section 2, the potential energy changes into kinetic energy because the force of gravity pulls the ride down and velocity increases rapidly. When the coaster goes down and down, much potential energy changes into kinetic energy. But there is a fri…

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