"Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professional and know more about medications, prescription and over-the-counter, than any other member of the healthcare team." (Health on the Net Foundation). In addition, they have many duties that must be completed on time and correctly because they can easily kill a patient with the wrong medication if they are not paying close attention. Therefore, they monitor medication usage, the interactions and side effects of medications. They also check if the medication is being used correctly. Also, they do rounds with doctors to discuss the patient's treatment, and advise both the doctor and the patient about treatments that can be used. Pharmacists are either required to compound certain medications to powders, tablets, capsules, ointments and solutions or the medications come from pharmaceutical companies that sell the medications pre-made. However, all together pharmacists treat illnesses to help patients get well.
Furthermore, pharmacists are required thirty hours a month of education of new and old topics that pertain to the medications, at Cedars medical hospital. Afterwards they put together a power point presentation to be presented to the doctors, nurses, and students, so that they are better informed so that they can also inform the patients and their families about their treatment (s). And all together the duties of pharmacists are easily said but seriously completed.
According to a study conducted by HHS Health Resources and Services Administration, there is a shortage of pharmacist. There are currently 196,000 licensed pharmacists in the United States, yet there were still 7,000 fulltime jobs available in February of 2000. This is definitely a growing field because of the rapid advancement in medicine. Therefore the job out look beyond 7 years is positive because according to the study there are few students applying in pharmacy schools. In addition as a…

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