Pharmacogenomics in the Future of Health Care Practice
Abstract:Pharmacogenomics is an up and coming technology that encompasses the areas of health care, science, drug therapy and genetics. Pharmacogenomics research examines gene expression, and how drugs can be best suited to work with an individual's DNA sequence. Some drug therapies have already been developed by means of this research, but the effect of the use of pharmacogenomics in health care is slow to be seen. All health care professionals will be affected when the advancements of pharmacogenomics are in widespread use, and need to be prepared for its introduction. There are distinct sides to the controversial issue of pharmacogenomics in our society, and all individuals involved should be aware of the aspects of this new technology.
Pharmacogenomics in the Future of Health Care
The study of genetics has brought about a new way of thinking to the world of science. But the field of science is not the only area affected by the advancements in genetics; it affects every aspect of humanity. The use of genetics lies in a gray area, where right and wrong is not easily decided. Separate communities of thinkers debate whether the use of genetics in science and technology are beneficial or harmful to society. The introduction of genetics into the health care field forces society to decide what is ethical in the use of these findings. The field of pharmacology is no exception to this. The fusion of pharmacology and genomics, pharmacogenomics (Human Genome Program, n.d.), pioneers scientific advancements in drug therapy and also presents society with considerations to make regarding the ethicality of their use.
Pharmacogenomics studies behavioral aspects of genetic information. According to the International Society of Pharmacogenomics (ISP) website, pharmacogenomics involves a larger area of genetics, searching for genetic variations, including DNA polymorphisms or gene…

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