Peta and the Infamous McCruelty Case

We've all heard about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), if that's not the case PETA is an organization dedicated to animal rights. Their animal rights campaign include ending fur and leather use, stop bullfighting, and some others. I personally agree with animal rights, I am a huge animal protector and even sometimes an activist, a revolutionary or just a plain crazy.
Almost everyone has heard of McDonald’s, and most people have eaten at this fast food chain at least once, but many people don’t know about the horrific cruelty that goes into every portion of chicken served under McDonald's.In the slaughterhouses of McDonald’s U.S. and Canadian chicken suppliers, birds are dumped out of their transport crates and hung upside-down in metal shackles, which often results in broken bones, extreme bruising, and hemorrhaging.Workers have the opportunity to abuse live birds, and birds have their throats cut while they are still conscious. Many birds are immersed in tanks of scalding-hot water while they are still alive and able to feel pain.I can only imagine the suffering of these poor animals; no animal deserves to die in a painful, cruel, or inhumane way.
In most cases I agree with PETA and I say ;most; because certain things I am opposed, mainly I don;t fully support the ;McCruelty; campaign, not because I love hamburgers (which I really don;t like them that much) but because McDonald’s have a great charity program called "McDonald’s house of charity.;
While I have mixed emotions about Mcdonald;s food one thing is certain and I maintain my point in their charity work, I might not eat a spicy McChicken anymore but be certain that every once in a while I will buy a milkshake, some cookies, or maybe even a BigMac and donate a couple of dollars for McDonalds house of charity.
In 2007, my son got really sick, he had pneumonia and he had to stay at the…

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