Perspectives in Psychology

Sigmund Freud developed the psychoanalytical perspective by combining ideas of perception and memory with beliefs of biologically based instincts.His feelings were that unconscious processes such as fears and desires influence behaviour.These processes are forced into the unconscious because they are forbidden or punished by society and parents during childhood. Once in the unconscious they grow to become emotional problems, or on the positive side as ability’s that are socially acceptable.Freud believed there is a cause for every action but they are often an unconscious motive.
An example based on the psychoanalytical theory is how whenever I go to bed I always snuggle up to my extra blanket and pillows.From a psychoanalytical perspective this would be blamed on an unconscious desire for my mother or father to be in bed with me cuddling me just like they used to when I was a little boy.
The biological perspective believes that all psychological events are results of the body affecting ones behaviour.It attributes overt behaviour to electrical and chemical events taking place in the body. Researchers study the brain activity of animals to in turn understand the human brain. It can give them an idea of how inborn biological mechanisms are responsible for human behaviours and thoughts.
An example using the biological approach could be the way that I am very attracted to red haired females just like my dad is.From a biological perspective this could be based on the theory that my father’s trait for finding red haired women attractive was passed down to me thru genes, that in effect leaves me with the same feelings.
Humanistic psychology is the study of how the entire, subjective, experience affects behaviour and cognition.Humanists believe that to totally understand human nature they must push to understand the whole person including, behaviours, beliefs, feelings and anything else that pertain to mental and behavi…

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