Personnally on Genetic Engineering

On the issue of Genetic Engineering, I personally fall "in between," I am neither for nor against that issue thus, I could make an argument for both sides. I totally support advancement, particularly when it involves science and technology, etc. But in any situation, where one must take a position, one side often times outweighs the other. As is the case in this situation and since I must choose a side, I will argue against the issue of Genetic modification of foods.I have three questions to support my argument. I begin with religion, is biotechnology so advanced that it now has the right to play God? The second question is who really benefits from this entire process; after all, just recently it was discussed on CNN how a country in South America is experiencing devastating famine, how is that possible when we are able to reproduce foods in a laboratory? And my final question is how much say so do we as consumers have on this issue? Genetically modified foods aren't labeled, shouldn't we know what we are eating and where it originates. I don't know about anyone else but that is important to me. Those three issues are very important to everyone who shops for him/herself at a local grocery store or supermarket.
My very strict religious background does not allow me to side with the unnatural disruption of nature. I refer to the cross breeding or mixing genes.To say that nature has a mind of its own almost sound moronic but in a way, nature does have a mind if its own, after all, man did not create bananas or tomatoes in a lab, those were created by nature as they were obviously intended to be. And mixing or modifying any of the natural process by which these things were made is not natural and is very possibly dangerous.Things such as allergic reactions, long term effects of these modifications are not tested on a regular basis.In history, there are many cases that prove that scientists must draw the li…

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