Ones ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment is an important component to a healthy personality. The ability to handle stress is also very important to developing a stable persona.

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Our world is constantly changing and putting different pressures and demands on us.We have to adapt too many new kinds of stressors resulting from evolution.Time is changing constantly and that brings on new situations we need to cope with.When a person can adapt well, they have less stress and in general have a healthier personality.Adapting gives us the means to survive.It provides us with shelter, food, and a competitive edge.Without these things it's hard to survive, and cope with the world.There are people who don't cope with stress well. They just do not have what it takes to make it these days.These people usually do not have a healthy personality. The ability to adapt gives us access to the resources needed for lives essential biological needs, which in turn allows us to think deeper about our state of mind and relationships with others.

People do not like to hear about other peoples problems they would rather concentrate on their own. What it comes down to is how an individual deals with their stressors. Negative ways that persons deal with stress is substance abuse, withdrawal, and defense mechanisms that the persona develops so it can function, but these defense mechanisms are only temporary and will eventually hamper a person's ability to progress.

Self perception, self esteem, and the ideal self, are also very important factors in developing a healthy and strong personality. They are all very closely tied together, and none could function without the others. With personal growth our self perception also changes. This is an ongoing metamorphosis which changes our view of what and who we are. Our bodies are the physical they are the unique vehicle of the mind. Our bodies…

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