Assertiveness is a necessary quality for success in virtually any
field, and it is often helpful in non-business dealings and relationships,
the other hand, assertiveness is a double-edged sword, because in some
several elements required for assertiveness can cross the line into
Confidence is a necessary component of being assertive, because one
able to articulate his position, in thefirst place.Even in normal
interactions, lack of confidence can undermine one’s ability to function
because a characteristic feature of lacking confidence is reluctance to
one’s self, verbally.Substantially more confidence is required in
negotiations, or in any exchange of differing points of view, in
Occasionally, someone utterly lacking confidence attempts to adopt
more assertive speech patterns, but their mannerisms and body language
them away after a short time.They may try to overcompensate by attempting
dominate situations, or to assert themselves early, purely as a control
They rarely succeed in maintaining the charade, because only the gross
social interaction (such as the choice of when to speak or how loud) are
controllable in this manner.Finer aspects of social interaction include
and patterns of establishing eye contact that cannot be readily controlled
less in a manner that is convincing to others.(Zimbardo, 1987)
Non-assertive behavior typically includes a submissive search for
through eye contact prior to expressing one’s self, which is perceptible to
else taking part in (or witnessing) the exchange.Experiments where
films of negotiations and social exchanges without being able to hear any
conversation establish that confidence (and its absence) are transmitted
perceptively, merely by virtue of visual cues.(Gerrig, 2001)
Even for confident people, appropriate assertiveness is partly a
skill.While shy people must overcome their discomfort expressin…

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