People and their weight

People often have a problem with their weight or are not satisfied with their body. The shape of an ideal build in man’s mind is constantly influenced by the media around. This essay will analyze where and how far we are predisposed to the exterior influence of media.
Impressions in all different ways are present every single day in life. They originate from parts of society and, in particular, from media, which appears to be a special factor for the reason that it seems to affect the people’s character. Media itself consists of different elements that are necessary to be analyzed as it is likely to as-sume that these certain elements are important to the consumer as well as they are important to his personality, mainly the self-image, the self-estimation and the self-confidence.
?Media such as television, movies, and magazines are considered to be among the most influential promoters of the thin standard, given their popularity and acces-sibility to the (?) people.? A. Schmueck summarized in 1998.
Basically there are advertisements which seem to play a leading role in taking influence on people’s self- and society-portrait1. People meet them when they turn on TV or radio, when they read the newspaper, when they go outside, on walls, cars, building sites et cetera. Based on that fact we can take for granted that advertise-ments are dominant and influential criteria for lifestyle and living habits. As a result of that realization adverts became what they actually are: A means to raise the selling quotes of products. This leads to the evidence that people are predisposed to media or at least this component of media.
With reference to that but a contrast nonetheless: To praise the taste of fast, weight increasing and unhealthy food on the one hand and to tell the audience that it is necessary to change their way of life by visiting fitness studios or taking miracle remedies2 on the other hand obviously appears to be contradictory…

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