In Michael Rich MD and Miriam Baron's MD study, Child Health in the Information Age: Media Education of Pediatricians, they conduct a survey of 209 pediatric residency programs.This survey compares with and updates information in the 1986 survey The Impact of Television on Children: Current Pediatric Training Practices.Many questions were designed to elicit comparable information as the previous survey as well as incorporating other aspects that were not as significant in 1986, such as the internet and video games.
Hypothesis: The objective of this study was to determine what pediatric residency programs are teaching trainees about media and the influence of media on the physical and mental health of children and adolescents.
Methodology:Surveys were sent to 209 different pediatric residency programs in 44 states and Puerto Rico.The survey of residency curricular training consisted of 17 items about children's exposure to media including television, movies, popular music, computer/video games and the Internet, the effects of this exposure on specific health risks, and associations between program characteristics and media education in the residency curriculum.
Results:The data collected showed that there is little training for the affects of media.Across the board only one item scored more then 30%.In the category of Interventions on Media Exposure in regards to whether residents are taught to discuss media us with patients or parents, only 47% checked of yes.While the rest of the items scored even lower out of the 7 items from the 1986 survey all improved, 5 of which either almost doubled or id infact double the percentage from the previous survey. They concluded that there needed to be a media education curriculum for pediatritricians in training and provide formal faculty training in the teaching of media issues.
The research was conducted in a very adiquate fashion.I can't think of a bett…

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