Pay Structure for Teachers

The teachers' salary schedule relays that they are paid on a knowledge based pay structure.Even though for every year you teach with out advancing your education your pay increases.It increases even faster when you advance your education to a higher level.To change this to a more person based pay structure take the skill that the teacher is proficient in and evaluate how well they transfer what they know to the students.Also evaluate their competency how well does the teacher perform his/her methods and the structure of the class.Evaluate if the teacher is involved with any extracurricular activities for example clubs and sports for the school to show pride in where they work.Also take a look at the teachers certificates has the teacher performed the requirements of schooling for that field, has the teacher made themselves more knowledgeable on the subject they are teaching, and have they made any other effort to further advance their learning in the field in which they are working.As of now the pay structure for a teacher is definitely a knowledge-based structure, but it could easily be transformed into a person based structure with a few minor adjustments.
The message relayed by the increasing differentials is that the more education you have the better off your pay will be down the line.At MA+60/PHD and 15 years of teaching acquired will be higher than a teacher with just 15 years of teaching and no credits acquired for furthering education.It will also interest the teachers in going back to school to further their knowledge among the field they are teaching in so that they will get a more substantial increase in the future years they work.The knowledge-based theory is a perfect description of this stepped salary.The more you know the more you get paid.They want to motivate to learn more to better educate.Some teachers may feel this a threat to their job.The elders in

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