Patriot Act

Under the new Patriot Act, the Attorney General can subject an immigrant to mandatory detention only by certifying that an alien is likely to engage in or support a bad act.This detention would be mandatory even for immigrants who have been granted asylum.If these detainees are not allowed an opportunity to contest and challenge their "likelihood" of engaging in dangerous terrorist activities, they will be stuck in these centers.Another problem is the lack of space and the increasing number of detainees.From the year 1994 to 2001, the average daily detention population has more than tripled, from 5,532 to 19,533. At this rate, there will be more and more detainees.Where is the INS planning to house all these people?What is the INS going to do with the detainees if they do not pose a threat to America's security?What is the INS going to do with the children who have been detained in these less than desirable conditions?
Another problem is that it is an enormous strain on both INS and taxpayers to lock up people who do not pose as danger to our nation's security, and it is also a waste of space, and it deprives the INS to make the best use of its limited detention space.INS does not have the capacity in both space and structure to imprison every person who comes through the system.This is not a problem that INS can outgrow or easily resolve.INS is currently dependant on local and state jails to lock up the increasing number of detainees.This has a highly devastating impact on the detainees, including the asylum seekers who are unfortunately locked up with the criminal population in these jails.Additional growth of detainees will only intensify these problems.
One possible way to resolve this situation is to place a concept of supervised release as an option to mandatory detention (This concept was earlier proposed by Professor Margaret Taylor ).It is a waste of both time and space to i

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