patriot act opinion paper

"An honest man has nothing to hide".These are some wise words that I have had my father say to me several times when I was growing up.Because I take that statement seriously, I have nothing to fear when the law decides to take action as granted under the Patriot Act and decides to tap my phone or look through my internet files.I don't lose any sleep knowing that I might be being watched or that my bank account might be looked into periodically.And any law abiding citizen of the United States of America should have the same attitude.
When I hear someone complain about their privacy being invaded, I don't always assume that they are hiding some horrible secret or their secret ties to a terrorist group in Iraq, but I do wonder why it is such a huge issue.I know for a fact that my life has been scrutinized in the past few years. Any one who has had any sort of background check for a job position has had the same done to them.And I can say that I have not noticed one bit that any searching or peering into has been done.If I was addicted to heroin and was in rehab and lied about it then I would be in a world of hurt.If I molested a 10 year old and served jail time then I would be a little more than worried.But I have absolutely nothing to hide from anyone therefore I will allow anyone to do any amount of searching into my life if they feel it will make my country a safer place to live.
I agree with the Patriot Act 100%. Giving the government the power to provide better security for our nation is something that everyone should wish for, not protest against.Everyone who lost a loved one on that tragic day in September of 2001 should be behind this law whole-heatedly.If granting the government the power to look into my life will prevent even one act of terrorism, then it was all worth it.For someone to not have the same mentality is beyond me.Chances are that non

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