Partial Birth Abortion

The 1972 passage of Roe v. Wade has made abortion the greatest moral
flashpoint in the United States today.For abortion supporters, the issue
is often framed as aquestion of women’s rights and privacy.This
argument, however, ignores the reality that abortion – particularly late-
term of partial birth abortion – involves the rights of another human being
as well.This paper further argues that a fetus is a human life, and
entitled is therefore entitled to the same protections as any person who
has been born.It further argues that the termination of a fetus’s life
involves violent and painful procedures that would be akin to murder and
torture.Because of these factors, this paper states that federal courts
should uphold the current ban on partial-birth abortions, ensuring the same
basic protections to the most helpless and innocent segments of American
The issue of reproductive rights is a crucial part of the feminist
movement, which believes that the right to control one’s body is central to
a person’s dignity and independence.For many feminists, the abortion
issue boils down to a question of women’s rights.The agitation against
abortion is thus an agitation against change.Removing a woman’s option to
terminate her own pregnancy harks back to the time when women were limited
to traditional sex roles.Roe vs. Wade has done much more than making
abortions legal.The decision has also affected traditional roles and
values and has thus eroded the old moral order.Abortion is a contentious
issue precisely because it has challenged prevailing standards and caused a
fundamental shift in the societal power structures.
Scientific and ethical definitions of “personhood”
Pro-abortion activists often liken the fetus to a “blob” that is not
distinct from the mother.However, this ignores the significant
distinction the embryo and fetus enjoys from the mother …

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