Parole in America

Parole defined by the Columbia Encyclopedia is "the release from prison of a convict before the expiration of his term on condition that his activities be restricted and that he report regularly to an officer." Which basically means that a convict must meet certain criteria's before being let out on parole.
Even on parole a convict is still property of the state. A convict must regularly meet with the Parole Board or with an officer to monitor the convict's progress in society and prevent any relapse into crime. Certain restrictions are placed on the convicts such as residence (where the convict lives is very important in preventing a repeat offense), occupation (where the convict is working, is he/she is w9orking regularly, he/she on time.), and the type of associates who he or she hang out with, even who they live with, and who they work with are all very important issues in the parole process.
The Government of Canada National Parole Board. Under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act have the power to grant, deny, cancel, terminate or revoke day parole and full parole. They (National Parole Board) have the power to enforce convicts to carry out their full sentences.
A Chairperson, who must answer to Parliament, heads the National Parole Board. The Board is comprised of 95 Board members, 45 are full-time and 50 are part time. Also along with the Board members there are 225 employees
In 1997 a new parole law toke action here in New Jersey. With this new law an inmate must be released on parole at the time of parole eligibility unless information provided at the Parole hearing would indicate that the convict would return to a life of crime. If the Parole Board denies parole to the convict they must state the reasons for coming to their decision.
The Connecticut parole law is much more complex than the p

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