Parents should not be informed that their teen is requesting abortion

I feel that parents should not be informed that their teen is requesting an abortion because it will lead to more teenagers giving birth to unwanted children, unsafe and illegal abortions, infant abandonment, and even worse, infant murder.
Within the past few years, infant killing by teenagers is on the rise.In one case, a teen hid her pregnancy and nine months later gave birth to the baby boy in the family basement.Afterward she placed the infant in a garbage bag, leaving him for dead.
Admittingly, most teens will not resort to such drastic measures.However, the teen admitted that she was afraid to tell her mother because she claimed her mother told her after herfirst abortion the year prior, “This better not happen again.”I feel the teen was placed in a desperate situation, not wishing to disappoint her family, particularily her mother after being warned, yet not fully understanding the devastating impact er actions would place on her and her family for the rest of their lives.
Only when a teen stops denying the pregnancy can she confide in her parents.Even if a pregnant teen feels she has one supportive parent, many will still deny the pregnancy for a while.In an abortion procedure, timing is crucial, as most states have laws that ban abortioon after 22 weeks gestation, unless the mother’s life is in danger.At least in a supportive environment, that is uncondidtional, non-threatening, the teen and parent/s can decide which is the better choice, given the circumstances.On the contrary, if the teen knows the news of her pregnancy will only bring verbal ridicule and harassment, and knows if she tries to obtain a legal abortion, her parents will be notified, this additional stress will only prolong the denial.This denial could go on throughtout the pregnancy, even throughout the birth process.The message this law sends is: A teenager can become a mother without parental notification, but she ca…

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