Parapsychology:Ghosts or Just the mind


Have you ever watched a scary movie or a ghost movie, and wondered if the good guy or the healer really would do that in reality. Such as in the movie "Ghostbusters", they use proton packs, traps, and other ghost technology. They get slimed, zapped, and at times possessed. Have you ever just stopped yourself during the movie and wondered if this really would happen? Probably not, but now it is something to think about. Parapsychology is an interesting branch of psychology stemming from various origins, containing many subtypes, and having many uses and findings.
Parapsychology has been around for as long as time has been going. There are some findings as old as the bible (Parapsychology, 478). Although there is no specific time or place for the origination of parapsychology, many people have contributed to this science.
There are many powers that fall under parapsychology. ESP which stands for extrasensory perception, is the ability acquire information shielded from senses (Eysenck & Sargent, 11). PSI has two forms. Qualitive comprises those events that have a naturalistic basis and includes episodes of spontaneous psychic occurances in everyday life. Quantitive is evidence obtained in laboratory settings (Parapsychology, 480-481). PK, which stands for pschokenisis, is the reported ability to influence other peoples, objects, or events, by act of will and not involving any known physical force (Eysenck & Sargent, 10). PK in other words is mind over matter(Parapsychology and Survival of Death, 2). Sometimes the phantasm of a deceased person seems to come for the sole purpose of conveying urgent information to the surviving relative, this is known as apparitions (Parapsychology and Survival of Death, 4). Patients, whose last hour has struck, have been reported seeing visions of near relatives a!
ppearing at their bedside. They have been seen focusing their attention on a point in space…

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