Paradoxes in Politics a Book in Review

The book, which was chosen for this review, is Paradoxes in Politics written by Steven J. Brams. The book Paradox and Politics is an introduction to the nonobvious in political science. When speaking about the book Paradoxes in Politics, John A. Ferejohn, an associate professor of political science at the California Institute of Technology said,
"… afirst-rate piece of work… And insightful introduction to a mathematical reasoning in politics… the book reads well, is provocative and constitutes a convincing case for the use of mathematical models and thinking about a wide range of political issues."Published by The Free Press, a division of the Macmillan Publishing Co. in New York City.The book wasfirst copyrighted in 1976.
Steven J. Brams also known for his other 15 books including Game Theory and Politics. Dr. Brams is also the publisher of over one hundred other papers on the subject of politics thefirst of which was published in 1966.Steven J. Brams was born in Concord New Hampshire in 1940.Steven received his bachelor’s degree in Politics Economics and Science in 1962 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after which he received his Ph.D. in Political Science 1966 at Northwestern.Dr. Brams now resides with his wife and two children in New York City N.Y. where he teaches at the New York University in the Department of politics.
Paradox and Politics is divided into eight chapters thefirst being the Paradox of Second Best, followed by Paradox of Voting, Election Paradoxes, Paradox of Cooperation, Paradox of Inducement, the Alabama Paradox, Three Paradoxes of Power and concluding with a Paradox of Prediction.These eight chapters examine several significant problems in political science whose commonly accepted answers are often contradicted by a more careful investigation.The Author relates paradoxes to actual cases and data, from voting in committees to arms races in interna…

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