Topic One:

In the wake of the September 11th attacks on the United States, the entire world changed in an instant. We had to close our borders to Afghani refugees in order to ensure that they were able to be taken care of by our country, and to make sure that security was present in order to weed out suspected terrorists. We were at the time already host to an estimated 1.4 million Afghan refugees, in response to the influx of some 250,000 Afghans, we and the UNHCR set up 19 new refugee camps in our North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Balochistan.We together with the UNHCR have also enhanced programs in the old camps in the sectors of education, health, and water.
We believe that voluntary repatriation is the key to bettering the lives of the refugees around the world, while maintaining that the causes of their departure is solved to a state in which the refugees may be able to coexist back in their homelands without fear of retribution. We also believe that mass censusing must be taken so that and accurate account of which people exactly are in asylum while being able to tell who should not be there.
Pakistan believes that refugees have the right to a way of life, in which refugees are educated, given adequate nutrition, and skills in which they may be able to use to better the economy both while in asylum and thereafter.Pakistan would be in favor of resolutions involving the condensing of old camps with each other to promote voluntary repatriation upon a sustainable solution to the problems which caused the refugees to flee from their home nations.We would also be in favor of efforts to bring about multilateral talks with nations that host a vast amount of refugees in order to better grasp an understanding of the situation with the UNHCR and the improvement of refugee camps that do not meet the basic needs of its occupants.We are also in definite alignment with the United States and their …

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