Pain and Suffering of animals for Humans Sake Right or Wrong

Pain and Suffering of Animals for Humans' Sake:
Right or Wrong
When you go out to eat and look at your thick and juicy T-bone steak what do you think about?When you look at that gorgeous mink coat in the department store what is going through your mind?When you here that cigarette smoke causes cancer in lab animals what is thefirst thing that comes to mind?Chances are that in each of these cases you were not thinking about how the cow suffered while it was being fattened up, ho painful the trap was that caught those mink, or the conditions those lab animals hat to endure to develop that cancer.Most people do not think about these things.However, in this paper, you will be enlightened on the pain and suffering of animals in three different industries and you will also hear from the other side of this issue.
First, one of the biggest culprits of animal suffering is the animal food industry.This is an industry in which people have a tendency to block out or ignore the animal mistreatment; this is done by disassociating oneself with the direct harm and ignoring the indirect harm (Harnack 133).A good start under this example in the case of pigs.
Normally, pigs are intelligent animals capable of showing affection.They have very good senses of smell, which is why pigs have been used as hunting animals (Coats 31).This normal behavior is disrupted however in the food industry.Pigs are taken to slaughter at about twenty-four weeks of age when they are approximately 220 pounds (Coats 32).Pigs are usually mass-caged into groups that consist of other pigs of the same sex and age.This can cause excessive aggressiveness in the animals due to the stifling of the natural social orders, which are accomplished though mixing (Coats 33).Due to inactivity in cages, pigs become "bored" and do things such as gnaw on the bars of the cage or on the body parts of other pigs.Factory owners attempt to remedy thi…

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