Ozone Holes

The ozone layer is an invisible layer in the stratosphere. It has always been needed by all life on earth, as it absorbs the ultra violet radiation (UV) from the sun. Recently a large hole has appeared in the ozone layer over the Antarctica, and a similar but smaller hole has been found over the Arctic.
The problem with the ozone holes wasfirst noticed in the 1970's by a research group from the British Antarctic Survey BAS). The measurements werefirst taken in 1985, the drop in the ozone was so dramatic that the scientists believed that their instruments were malfunctioning so they replaced. Then they confirmed their earlier measurements. Scientific research has also explained that the cause of the ozone depletion is the release of certain industrial chemicals into the atmosphere, particularly CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).
Due to the thinning of the earth's ozone layer, a great amount of skin burning UV radiation from the sun has reached the earth. Increased exposure to UV radiation has been shown to harm human health, damage freshwater and marine ecosystems, reduce crop yields, and affect forests. The most basic impact for humans is the increase in skin cancers. Overexposure to the UV rays can also cause eye damage and may even weaken the immune system. The increased UV levels will also have an impact on agriculture. It has been observed that some crops have shown decreased growth as a result of exposure to increased UV radiation. Studies have shown that a 10% increase in UV rays would result in losses of $192 million per year to sensitive crops. In marine ecosystems, UV can damage the tiny single-celled plants, known as phytoplankton, which form the base of the food chain. Decreases in the food chain at this early stage may have effects throughout the entire system, and could ultimately affect fish populations.
Scientists feel that the ozone layer should recover if the substances that destroy it are elimi…

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