Oxygen is the most important element in the periodic table, it's symbol is O . Oxygen is colorless and odorless, it was found in 1774 by a man named Joseph Priestly, the origin of the name oxygen comes from the Greek words oxus (acid) and gennan (Generate). Oxygen has a very important role in the world its purpose is to support life. Oxygen bars and oxygen clinics have been popping up since the late 1980's from Tokyo to Toronto. The only down side to oxygen therapy is that it can be very pricey at the OXYGEN ZONE for 20 minutes it will cost you $20 dollars.However according to the National Headache Foundation there is some scientific evidence to support the use of oxygen therapy for cluster headaches.The newest thing that is going to hit the market soon is a new superoxygenated bottled water will soon come to the market, the company that produces it says it did a study showing that drinking the water shaved an average of 31 seconds off a runners 5- kilometer time.

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