Owens Valley Aquaduct

Two hundred and fifty miles north of the busy streets of Los Angeles, in Inyo County, lay the serene Owens Valley.The Owens Valley is a vast terrain that is bounded by the towering Sierra Nevada mountain range at one end and the barren Death Valley desert at its other end.As the snowfall from the peaks of the Sierra Nevadas annually transforms itself into water, the Owens River drains the downpour and flows profusely through the valley.The Owens Lake would routinely capture this stream and store the river's yearly deposits, but the route of the stream was redirected.In 1905, an avaricious project was contrived by the political agendas of the powerful moguls behind the Los Angeles Water Company, building the Los Angeles Aqueduct.(Davis, Margaret) The project was masterminded by Fred Eaton and William Mulholland to foster the growth of the large metropolis included a larger water supply, and they were willing to achieve their goals by any means necessary.They found their water supply in the Owens Valley.However, the acquisition of the water was surrounded by red tape. Despite the obstacles that stood in their way, the two men found a way to fulfill their vision at expense of the Owens Valley community. Once a fecund and fertile region that was home to many small, prosperous farms and ranches, the Owens Valley has been stripped of its main resource due to the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct.
At the turn of the century, Los Angeles began to thrive in its economic ventures.The metropolis was slowly beginning to become focal point of tremendous business activity.As the city boomed, business leaders began to envision the endless potential of prosperity.The population growth was surging.People were flocking to the area in great numbers.The Los Angeles Water Company quickly realized that an auspicious opportunity was to be had and warned the city of need of a subsidiary water supply to sustain its growth….

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