In this paper, my main aim is to describe the impact of the
outsourcing of American jobs to overseas.Addressing this issue is
especially critically, because there are almost two schools of thought: one
that believes on the usefulness and benefits of the outsourcing and the
other that vehemently oppose outsourcing and focus on its negativity.For
example, several policy makers and government agencies believe that
outsourcing may reduce the cost of the manufacturing of products and
provide services at cheaper prices, however, other believe that outsourcing
has contributed massive lay-offs of American workers from their jobs.
In reality, both of the views are partially correct, because
outsourcing of jobs may have both positive and negative effects on our
economy and society. Therefore, one needs to focus on both sides.For
example, countless activities such as transcription of medical records,
completion of tax forms, and software programming, when done overseas
provide the advantages of completive priced products and services
(Goldsmith, 2003). Besides when these basic activities are being done
overseas, they provide the companies to focus on their core competencies.
In addition, outsourcing of mundane and routine activities overseas allows
companies to innovate and bring new products and services quickly.The
other positive effects of outsourcing can be seen at a global level.By
outsourcing several jobs in developing countries and third-world countries,
the developed country like America provides people around the globe
employment and wages. Also, many of the products and services that are no
longer considered critical in American markets can be sold at third world
However, all of the effects of the outsourcing have not been the
positive.The outsourcing of the jobs has created unemployment in home.
People’s purchasing power is decreasing and common mass i

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