In the film "Outfoxed", Robert Greenwald tries to portray FOX as a consrvativly biased network.In doing so, Mr. Greenwald himself made a film completely favoring liberalism.Mr. Greenwald attempts to portray the FOX Network and its owner, Rupert Murdoch, as "friends to the Republicans".However, in my opinion, all Mr. Greenwald does is show how liberal he is himself and leads me to believe that his film, like "Farenheit 9-11", was simply made to slander the Bush administration.
Mr. Greenwald does have a lot of evidence to back up his claims.He uses the interview of a smartass, disrespectful kid with Bill O'Reily as proof, as well as Mr. O'Reily's debates, that Bill is a die hard right winger.He uses disgruntled ex-employees' testimony as proof that FOX is biased behind the scenes.He also employs memos to anchors as proof, showing that the desire of the network to put emphasis on certain topics makes them a one sided "unbalanced" network.Who is Mr. Greenwald to decide what is "Fair and Balanced" when he himself makes an extremist left wing film?Nobody, that is who.The only "facts" he has are the hersay of ex employees and documents as believeible as those used by CBS recently.
In my opinion, the bias he is trying to show on FOX is only cancelled out by his own bias.Mr. Greenwald has made a number of films portraying his political views as "facts."Mr. Greenwald never worked a day for FOX, so how can he possibly know for certain that what he was told is true?I am also willing to put money on it that he never served a day in the military so how credible are his "Uncovered" truths about the war with Iraq?Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I find it hard to believe that someone is biased based on an equally bias film.And who in their right mind would put their faith in the guy that made "X

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