Out Foxed By Fox

Three-fourths of the world's population gets its news in print, on television, or by radio from News Corp. Ltd., according to "Outfoxed," the latest film that spotlights corrupt conservatives with corporate power.Like "Fahrenheit 911,"this film gives viewers another glimpse at the well-oiled Bush administration machine, with friends and family conveniently employed within the news industry. While journalism and news reporting have been industries where facts and balanced, unbiased representation were expected, footage of the Fox station and sister stations shows the standards being abandoned. Anchors give opinions, and make fun of their guests. Bill O'Reilly tells his guests to "shut up," and counts down to the re-election day of George W. Bush.In the latest documentary encouraging public awareness, "Outfoxed" director Robert Greenwald takes us behind the scenes to show that the “news” we are getting is often right-wing propaganda.
“Fair and balanced news” may be the Fox tag line but disguised ex-employee interviews and excerpts from station broadcasts say something else. Brain-washing. Done in such a way it goes unnoticed by the average consumer. Digitally distorted voices of former Fox reporters describe White House aides calling news and radio stations with daily agendas. Then politically charged memos tell journalists what they are to report. According to the film, many of the reports are full of false information. "I've never heard of any other network nor any other legitimate news organization doing that, newspaper or broadcast," said Walter Cronkite. They also like to call names. As a two minute montage of Fox news anchors calling John Kerry a "flip-flopper" are played, it is easy to see the effectiveness of the Fox techniques. You wonder how a channel can get away with it, and how it started. "Outfoxed" tells us how.

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