Our Justice System

I believe that our justice system is all messed up.Mite is right.That's how I think our justice system works.Lets take Michael Jackson for example.Now who is going to convict the "King of Pop" of everything that he was charged with?Not many people chosen as jurors obviously.All the evidence showed that he did some pretty messed up stuff.Another example of this flaw in our justice system is the case of O. J Simpson.For those that don't know, Simpson was at one point in time a professional football player and was convicted of killing a white women.Was he convicted of murder?No.why?Well, lets think about this for a moment.He's rich, famous, and part of a Chicago foot ball team and being tried in Chicago.Now if you take a "middle" or "low" class unknown person and charge them with murder, you know they're going to prison.Of course there are some cases to argue with the point that I am trying to make, but lets look at those for a quick second.Martha Stewart, I think, is a pretty god example.She's rich and famous and went to jail for a couple months.Although, when you think about it and look at the facts, she should have gone to jail for much longer then she did.In the end, what I am trying to say is that when it comes to justice, might is right is not acceptable.As the Old Testament states, "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth".No matter who you are, with the crime committed, comes an equal punishment.

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