Our genes and enviromental factors influences our health

Our genes makes us unique and they influence our personality.People born with certain traits can deal with stress and emotions better than people that lack that trait.For example a person born with the trait of calmness can deal with stressful situations better than a person born with the trait of nervousness can.The body and mind is one. What happens to one affects the other.It has been know that people who manage stress better usually have better health.Good health is an important aspect of quality of life.Healthier people are also happier, more socially active, and more satisfied with life.The genes is the only factors that makes individuals unique and we have no control over our genetic make up, but our environment can dramatically influence our personality and over all health.Given a perfect environment (what ever might be) humans might live happier for a very long time.The relative impact of genes and environment can be assessed by studying twins as well as by looking at the longevity of immediate ancestors.
I read an article an MSN that deal with the notion of genes vs environment.The article was about a major study of identical twins and fraternal twins. The study was to see whether the twins died closely together. If those with the same genes died closely together while those with different genes did not, then that would support a genetic influence.The influence of the environment is assessed by comparing those living under the same and different environment.If those from the same environment died close together while those from different environments did not, then that would support an environmental influence.The finding of the study suggest that longevity is largely determined by environmental factors
with 66% variance due to environment an 34% due to genetics.Hmmm! Well, all I can say is that gender, race are genetic factors are beyond our control but the environmental factors can shape t…

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