Our Future President

On November 2, 2004, voters will be casting their ballots for a presidential candidate. The highly possible candidate for president this year is Senator John F. Kerry. His support has rapidly grown throughout the United States since he won the Iowa caucuses January 19. Mr. Kerry began by seeking hisfirst victories in the South, which his aides said would establish him as a national candidate. As the far-away front-runner in the Democratic race, he has won 10 of 12 primaries and caucuses to date.
The chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, Randall A. Button, said that General Clark (from Arkansas), and Mr. Edwards (from North Carolina) should quit if they could not beat Mr. Kerry on their home turf. “They are both Southerners that have a message that resonates with Southerners,” Mr. Button said. If they lose, he said, “it’s gotten down to this: Let’s move ahead to our objective, and our objective is unseating George W. Bush.” A senior national Democratic Party official made the same argument, saying that General Clark and Mr. Edwards would havedifficulty raising money to push on should they lose to Mr. Kerry in the South. “The voters will have spoken: Let’s get on with it,” this official said. Several national Democratic leaders said that should General Clark lose again, he would probably come under pressure from the quarter of the party that encouraged his candidacy – the Bill Clinton camp – to clear the field for Mr. Kerry.
President Bush's chance of being re-elected for a second term seems very low. Recently, Republican leaders have been saying President Bush looks "tired". Those who gave him poor grades for his performance on “Meet the Press,” for instance, said they were concerned that he was not aggressive enough when the possible Democratic challenger (Senator John Kerry) is. Sadly, this attitude is widespread in America. Charles Edwards of Falls Church, Va., who decided to vote for Kerry as he entered

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