In all minds there are dark thoughts and feeling that are often ignored. Others is a fantastical journey of one of the seemingly obvious ‘down and outs’ Nicholas Dismas, Private Investigator.

Living an existence is what he does best, under a stone where all the other ungodly creatures belong. Trying to live a jusified existence with nothing more to hope for but an eventual peace, a peace he has needed to feel since birth. This peace will come from an understanding he may not want to know of but his soul and his sanity depend on it.

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Nicholas is given a case one long awaited as his beer money dwindles, to find a missing baby. The baby he is informed was taken at birth, the case facts develop into something much uglier. His lack of knowledge of his own birth rights compell Nick further than he has ever felt passion to go. Never before had he needed to complete a case with such vigour, despite his own lack of recognition for making it personal.

His case leads him to a home for the elderly, Perfect Rest, here lives the Others. The Others take Nicholas on journey he never expected to embark, the Others know of Nick but how?…..

By the very gifts given to them, the gifts become their only chance of escape with Nick as catalyst. What do the doves mean, where do they come from? how does Nick understand. Where are they, why are they in his mind? becoming stronger and with more urgency each day.

Nicholas is enveloped by a strange yet intriguing compulsion to follow his dreams but can he do it? Can he despite his freakish demeanour and battles with the bottle. The help of a equally diminished yet heartbreakingly kind and selfless figure to him will help Nick in his war, a war being fought for the good of the surpressed and now vengeful Others.

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