Osmosis the thing almost everything has
Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from an area of high concentration to a area of low concentration.
Osmosis is very useful in real life such as trees. In order for us all to survive we need osmosis. for the trees to suck up all the water. And those tress grow(by tress I mean plants) We eat those plants and animals (that eat the plants/trees) to survive. And we also use osmosis for lotion. The lotion is a high concentration and our skin and insides are the low concentration. Thusley according to the law of osmosis the lotion will soak into thee skin spreading its healthy nutrition thing all through the skin. one more place we find osmosis is in a fart. Yes I know its odd but if u don’t like the word FART use perfume. Once you release the “perfume” it will begin to spred. So pritty much if Mateo farts his lab partner will say ew!!! And that’s because the fart will go from an ariea of high concentration to an area of low concentration.(sorry Mateo I just had to)
Also osmosis is found in hypertonic solutions (it has a lot of solute relative to another solution (a cells cytoplasm) when a cell is placed in a hypotonic solution the water diffuses out of the cell causing the cell to crumble. It is also found in the opposite solution of hypotonic solution which has to be pretty much the opposite of the hypertonic solution. Insted of all the water going out it goes in and causes the cell to…..explode!!!. look at the hypotonic solution as a supng.(that dosnt explode). The spung it sokes up water. Just like a cell but lets say the spunge dosnt stop soking up water. That spunge will grow and grow till it rus out of room to stor the water. The it will rip apart. Then it will explode. But if you think of the hypertonic slotion its kinda like putting a spunge in a microwave
And this concludes my report of osmosis
And also are science text book (every body loves t

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