Osmosis its a bit poo

In my experiment, I plan to find out whether the concentration of sugar in water affects how much water will go in to a potato chip. I will do this by having twelve test tubes three with one molar of sugar solution, three with ? molar sugar solution, three with ? molar sugar solution and three with zero molar sugar solution. I will do three of each so I can take an average from the results.
For the investigation I think that the lower the concentration of sugar in the test tube the larger mass the potato chip will be. I think this because I know that Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane from an area of high water concentration to an area of low water concentration. Therefore the water molecules pass from a high concentration (in the water itself) to a low concentration (in the potato chip). Therefore, the chips in higher water concentrations will have a larger mass than in higher sugar concentrations.
This is a diagram for what I predict will happen in the experiment. If the potato is in one Molar solution then the increase in mass due to osmosis will be little, as there is more sugar than water in the solution. If it is in 0.5 Molar solution, it should increase a little. If it is in pure water then the increase will be quite a lot, as there are many water molecules in water, therefore due to osmosis its mass will increase more that the other two experiments.
In the investigation, I will make it a fair test by keeping the following things the same:
1. Volume of solution – 20ml
4. Temperature – Room Temperature
For all of these criteria, having them not uniform in all of the tests would mean it would not be a fair test.

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