Creationism vs. Evolution, the argument disputed by more scientists, more paleontologists and more everyday people than probably any other argument since the dawn of man. Who is right? Do the theories and evidence of evolutionists have the right answers or do the faith and facts of creationists hold the answers?
What is creationism?"Creationism" is the idea that all forms of life, and particularly humans, were independently created by a willful act on the part of God or a deity.What's wrong with creationism?That depends on what form of creationism you are referring to.There are several forms of creationism that all differ from one another.None are really scientific, though not all are unscientific to the same degree."Old earth creationism" holds that the earth was created a very long time ago and populated with life more-or-less shown in fossil records.However, new species of organisms were created one-by-one over all that time, each the result of a separate creative act by the Deity.This theory is not scientific, because it cannot be falsified; any evidence can be made to fit into it."Sequential creationism" says that the earth is old, and the major groups of fossils do reflect organisms living at different times in earth's history.However, the major mass extinction represent times when all living things were destroyed, and then the earth was repopulated by a new creative act.The last extinction happened recently, after which the current animals and humans were created, but this isn't scientific either.Sequential creationism simply doesn't agree with the evidence.None of these mass extinction's wiped out all life.In many cases, we find the same species of organisms both before and after the extinctions. "Day-age creationism" says that the book of Genesis is accurate in describing the order of creation, but that each "day" in Gene…

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