Organizational Behavior

To ensure that we get work group productivity the company needs to implement a tracking record for employees to record their daily productivity.Also by having reachable goals for the employees to reach will help with motivation as well.If you add rewards with these goals we may have more of a reachable productivity level.When working in a group on a combined project have certain task s assigned to one team and completion dates.When there is a due date added on a project there is more motivation to get it done on time.The company currently had no way of tracking productivity besides recording the number of calls received by each customer service rep.If the employee is not receiving calls and has other task to do they must keep a log of what they have completed in a days work.This will also give the company an estimate to if they need the number of employees they currently have to get the job done.
The Social Influence was high in this company.Being employed very diversely there was a lot of social interaction.Including was also Social interaction amongst clients.It needs to be stressed to keep the employee client relationship on a professional level and not to be influenced from social aspects when making decisions based upon the company.Company cards should only be used for business purposes.If you mix dinner outings with pleasure there tends to be a social influence involved with the prospects.We want to give our clients a clearer picture of the professionalism in the workplace.As far as employees influencing other employees that goes back to ensuring that employees have enough work load and are meeting productivity.
A good value proposition for a company in this field is to convince customers to do business with your company.It would evolve in wiring down the competition and showing customers what benefits they can expect to get with what tradeoffs and how superior you can be for them.This will …

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