Organizational Behavior in Software Companies

It is difficult to make generalizations about organizational
behavior.Organizational structure and thus organizational behavior can
vary greatly from one corporation to another, one particular geographic or
regional corporate climate to another, and one industry to another.Even
within the particular organizational climate of companies that develop
computer software, considerable environmental and managerial differences
are evident between, for instance established companies such as Microsoft
and upstart companies such asRed Hat.’For instance, Microsoft’s current
dominance of the proprietary software market andRed Hat’s’ stress upon
nonproprietary software create a distinct divide between these company’s
corporate culture as well as the magnitude of Microsoft’s sheer largess.
Thus, different corporate cultures can be created between companies
for many reasons, even within the software industry.For instance, because
of the different salaries commanded by the average employee, and the
different corporate ethos advanced by the individuals at the head of the
corporation, a differentambience’ or set of values may be stressed,
formally or informally, between members of the staff and members of the
staff and their supervisors.Also, chief executives do not only determine
hiring and firing of employees.They also set a tone that can be quite
unique, even within firms of the same industry, depending on whether the
executive got his or her start within the industry, or is ahired gun’
with an MBA, determined to turn a profit wherever he or she may find him or
These fact being duly noted, there is still a general, distinct
organizational climate of companies that develop software, as opposed to
companies that are purely creative in focus, such as advertising agencies,
for example, or purely numerical in nature, such as financial investment
banking powerhouses su…

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