Organic Food

To Eat Healthy or not to Eat Healthy;
Organic food comes from processors; growers and importers registered and approved by organic certification bodies.Organic food does not get pesticides or fertilizers used.The product must have a label saying organic and where about is it from.A problem with organic food is that not all ingredients are organic, usually only ninety five percent is organic, and sometimes only seventy percent is organic.Organic food is much healthier for you than mass-produced and many more people are buying organic food.
Researchers are saying now that organic food is healthier for you to eat than conventional crops.The organic food contains more nutrients.Director Patrick Holden says research has shown that organic food contains more secondary metabolites then conventionally grown plants (BBC, radio 4).Secondary metabolites are substances that form part of plant immune systems, and which also help to fight cancer in humans.The organic food also contain more vitamins which would be more beneficial to people.Overall organic crops have a higher nutrient content.There have been fourteen such animal studies that have been performed over the last seventy years.In ten of these, the organically fed animals fared better (Worthington, Virginia).The positive effects are most striking in sick or otherwise vulnerable animals such as newborns and in sensitive areas or reproduction such as sperm motility.It is particularly interesting to see that
the fertility of animals fed fodder grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides declined over several generations.It appears that organically grown crops may have, on average, a higher
nutrient content then crops grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.Animal evidence supports the thesis that organically produced foodstuff can produce a better health outcome over the long term, partic

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