The word "ordeal" means a difficult and painful experience that tests a character and enderance. In "The African Queen" by C.S. Rorester, Rose and Allnutt Experience an ordeal.
In the story, Insects, Malaria, Reeds, Rapid, Lilies, and the route caused Rose and Allnutt great difficult and painful experience on their way to the Bore River. They had to pass the Lake in order to come to the Bore River because there was no other way for them to choose. Along the Lake's sides were masses of soil. They formed a huge delta as much as thirty miles along each of its three sides. Besides, the Lake was filled half of mud half of water, steaming in a tropical heat, overgrown with dense vegetation. It was the home of the very little, pestilent animals. When being into the Bore River, Rose and Alnutt found out that Reeds and Lilies circled them and became the obstacle for them to go a head. They had to jump into the water to pull the boat passing the obstacle. They were filthy with mud and Reeds and insects surrounded them. That was why they had Malaria: "They were filthy with mud. Their sojourn in the semi-darkness had changed their deep sunburn into an unhealthy!
yellow color which was accentuated by their malaria."(pg.183)
Not only the route made them a difficult time to pass by, but the weather also caused them a painful experience. It was so hot and stormy. On the way to the Bore River, Rose and Alnutt could not tolerate the hot weather. They looked like having steam bathes in middle of the day. Their skin color changed and became patches: "the sun blazed down upon them with a crushing violence they had not known in the sunless gorges of the upper river. The heat was colossal"(Pg138). Even though the heat of the weather, they still steered the boat down the River to fight with German. While they prepared a plan to attack the enemy, a storm came. Thunder and the strong wind scared them. They ha…

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