Operation Husky

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." Sun Tzu
The idea for the invasion of Sicily was born at the January 1943, Casablanca conference between President Franklin Roosevelt and English Prime Minister Winston Churchill.The overwhelming success of the North African Campaign allowed the Allies to consider pushing their plans forward to take the war onto the European continent. Therefore, the Allies commenced planning for an amphibious invasion to liberate Sicily, which was, code-named Operation Husky . To better understand this military operation it is necessary to research primary and secondary sources and assess their value. Primary source documents provide unique opportunities for the past to be explored. They provide a richer and more descriptive explanation of the past that cannot be reproduced in textbooks. However, the creator’s point of view must be considered when skeptically and critically analyzing these documents. While examining the Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff it was necessary to determine the documents value and analyze and evaluate the documents for bias or contradiction. The primary documents concerning Operation Husky were useful in understanding the planning that takes place for a military operation, but they had limitations. To fully understand the invasion of Italy it is necessary to compare the accounts in the records to other secondary sources that deal with Operation Husky.The Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff offered useful insight into the planning of Operation Husky but there were inherent biases and limitations on the information provided that could only be discovered by researching secondary sources pertaining to the subject.
To understand the documents within the Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff it is necessary to determine who wrote these documents and for what purpose. The Records of the Joint …

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