Operation Condor

The authoritarian repression of the 1970s and the 1980s was very difficult for the South American victims of the tortures.They could not escape this repression even by fleeing their own countries.The government rulers of the countries had tortured and disappeared many dissidents, so many potentially so-called subversives decided to protect themselves by leaving the country.This, however, did not guarantee their safety, as the intelligence organization and cooperation of governments involved in Operation Condor tracked down these subversives every move and agreed to bring the subversives to justice, no matter the country where they resided
Recently, Operation Condor has been gaining publicity because of the trials of Pinochet and the use of universal jurisdiction and the newly discovered Archives of Terror.Operation Condor, which is also being investigated by the same judge trying Pinochet, Garzon, has run into numerous obstacles for bringing about these trials and justice.Operation Condor strengthened the net of torture in South America because it involved a cooperation of all military forces to pursue subversives in all countries.Because it was run mainly by intelligence agencies of all the countries and even involved the powerful United States Central Intelligence Agency, the actual documentation of the operation is still yet to be disclosed.However, in order to bring the Operation Condor to justice, a cooperation of all countries involved will need to take place, but this time in pursuit of justice, not torture.
To further understand the Operation Condor, it is important to analyze the events of the political world when Operation Condor occurred.The time period in which Operation Condor occurred gives us many clues of why it happened.Operation Condor was established in 1974, following the 1973 coup de etat that ousted leftist Salvador Allende.During this authoritarian repression, a fear of leftist, Marxi…

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